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My budget is for the... ?
You can run the calculator based on your equity investment, the purchase price of the property, or the total investment that you want to make. All of these options will take into account the selections you go on to make below.
Total Investment ?
Total investment: Enter total spend inclusive of fees, taxes, refurbishment & furnishing. Purchase price: Enter amount to spend on the purchase price alone. Equity Contribution: Enter equity you want to commit & see your total cost breakdown.
Loan to Value ?
What % of the purchase price do you want to borrow? Higher LTV rates can enhance your return on equity or exacerbate losses. Please note the Interest Cover Ratios (ICRs) to check that the proposed rent will cover the interest payments.
Refurbishment ?
Full Refurbishment: assumes complete internal upgrades - new kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, heating & electrics to quality rental spec. Partial Refurbishment: assumes some work required but no major items will be upgraded. No refurbishment: as stated.
Additional Rate Stamp Duty ?
Additional Rate Stamp Duty applies to anyone owning more than 1 property anywhere in the world. If anyone on the title of the UK property owns another home the 3% ARSD will be added to the prevailing Stamp Duty rate.
Furnishing ?
If this box is ticked, an allocation for basic furnishing will be made.
Capital Return Expectation ?
Please select whether you want to be cautious, median or optimistic in your capital return expectations. Median reflects a likely realistic level of return. Please note these are indicative only.
Currency ?
Please select a currency. Please note charts remain £ Sterling.

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Total Investment
Return on Equity Analysis
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Property Cost
Value in Eight Years
Return on Equity
Capital Appreciation of
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