What We Do

AL acts for investors to maximize their capital and rental returns in Prime African residential and commercial property.

We always represent the buyer's interests and have access to the best on and off-market opportunities. But we are not only a buying agent: we provide a unique one-stop service which includes property sourcing, design, development and refurbishment, lettings, ongoing property and sales management. All handled in-house, we are convenient, we have considerable local knowledge and expertise.

Based on the consistent performance we have delivered on the properties we manage; we have also launched a series of investment funds targeting the Prime West-African Property rental sector since 2019. These consists of strategies targeting long-term capital growth in conjunction with considerable rental income yields.

Our investment philosophy

AL has been helping investors maximize their returns in West African Property for over a decade. During this time, prices have grown at an average rate of 14% per year through increases that are driven largely by the growth seen within sub-Saharan Africa's economies as they expand further into global markets - especially those relying heavily upon oil exploration and production such as Nigeria or Ghana.

Ghana is an ideal destination for foreign investment, with the stability of government providing business opportunities in both residential properties and hotels. With new entrants trying to make their way into this market full force from around Africa as well as other parts worldwide it's not hard at all find something that will suit your needs- there are many possibilities.

An unprecedented growth in tourism and business travel numbers has left Accra with a shortage of Prime residential properties, putting an upward pressure on rents. Currently West-Africa's capital market is still immature; it lacks access to loans or property finance which suppresses prices for high yield investments like rental yields and making them more lucrative than they would otherwise be if there was easy financing available.

Long-term Property Investment Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa

AL focuses on the ‘mainstream’ rental market in PWAP. This consists of small apartments that appeal mostly to international tenants and offers significant long-term capital growth as well a strong return for investors who put their money into these properties, derived entirely from US dollars. This sector traditionally has low volatility so you can feel confident about your investment even if things go south over there with other investments!

Our team of experts searches for areas in need, where they can buy and manage the distressed properties.