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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Ghana You Should Know.

With an increasingly competitive housing market in Ghana, the need for reliable real estate companies has never been more necessary. For those looking to buy property in Ghana, it can be hard to know who to trust and who to avoid. Here are the top 10 real estate companies in Ghana and why they deserve your trust.


Top 10 real estate companies in Ghana

1. Imex Real Estate

2. GRA Estates

3. Campos Properties

4. Haddington Properties

5. Royal Properties

6. Inter-Urban Investment Limited (IUI)

7. World Property Company (WPC)

8. Adenta Realty Investments Co Ltd

9. SLR Developers

10. Landmark Realty Development Incorporated


Why these real estate companies are worth your time

1. Brikk Group

Brikk Group, Ghana’s leading real estate development company, has developed over 2,000 acres of land in the past two decades. With their extensive experience and expertise in this field, you can trust that they will provide excellent services.

2. Khafre Properties

With a vast knowledge of the property market and specializing in commercial property, Khafre Properties is one of the most trusted real estate companies in Ghana. The company also offers assistance with leasing property so you can rent instead of buy if needed.

3. Kingsway Realty Limited

Based in Takoradi, Kingsway Realty Limited is unique because it focuses on providing quality office space for companies who are expanding or who are relocating to Ghana’s second largest city. They have been operating since 2006 and have been successful by focusing on maintaining a good reputation while giving clients top-quality service.



There are many real estate companies in Ghana, but these are our top 10. If you are in the process of purchasing property in Ghana, these are the companies that you should be thinking about.


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