3 Tips for Pool Maintenance in Lagos

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3 Tips for Pool Maintenance in Lagos


If you’re a Lagos resident, chances are you have access to a private swimming pool at home, or maybe even one as part of your apartment complex. With the rising temperatures and humid climate in Lagos all year round, having a private pool can be a great luxury. If you own a pool or any type of water feature in your property, it is important that you keep up with its maintenance. This will not only help it last longer but also reduce the risk of contracting any diseases from the water. Here are some tips for pool maintenance in lagos:


Change the water

Swimming pools can be used for a lot more than just swimming. In fact, most people use their pool for other purposes, such as spa treatments, water aerobics or even hydrotherapy. This means that it is not necessary to change your water every year as you would if you were only swimming in it. One easy way to tell if it’s time to change your water is by looking at colour. If your pool water is crystal clear, chances are it’s time to change it. This is because the chemicals, combined with the sun, will cause the water to turn green. If it turns green, it’s time to change the water because it could cause some health issues. For filters, you should change them every year, or when they become clogged. This will help prolong their life and keep your water clean.


Remove leaves and debris

You may think that it’s a good idea to let the leaves in your pool stay in the water. However, it is important that you remove them. Not only do they change the colour of the water, but they can also cause bacteria and algae to build up in your pool. This can make your water unsafe to use and may even require you to close the pool for a few days while you treat it. To remove them, you can either use a net, or remove the skimmer basket and clean it out by hand. It is also a good idea to clean your filter regularly to help catch the leaves. If you don’t clean your filter, you may end up with the leaves clogging your filter system, which will make your pool stop working properly.


Check your filters and vacuum the walls

While you’re cleaning the leaves out of your skimmer basket, it is a good idea to check your filters. Specifically, you want to check your sand filters as well as your pressure filters. If you notice that any of the parts are clogged, you will want to clean or replace them. This will help to keep your filter working properly and keep your water clean. You should also vacuum the walls of your pool weekly. You can either do this by hand, or invest in a wall vacuum. Vacuuming your walls bi-weekly will help to prevent any buildup of dirt and debris, which can then cause your water to become cloudy. If you notice that your walls are algae covered, use a special treatment solution that is safe for your pool.


Maintain proper chlorine levels

Chlorine is a great way to kill bacteria and germs in your pool. If you don't maintain the proper chlorine level in your pool, you run the risk of various illnesses. The CDC recommends that you maintain a chlorine level of 1 to 3 mg/L (1-3 ppm). Most people have an automatic chlorine system, which does the math for you and keeps your chlorine levels safe. If you don't have an automatic system, you can follow these steps to manually maintain the correct chlorine level. If you notice the water becoming cloudy, it is important to add more chlorine. If your water is super clear, then it means that you have too much chlorine and will want to add less. If you aren't sure what the right level is, you can use a chlorine testing kit to determine the level of chlorine in the water.



Pool maintenance doesn't have to be a hassle. It is important to keep up with your pool so that it lasts longer and is safer to use. If your pool has algae in it, you can use a shock treatment to kill the algae. If you follow these tips for pool maintenance in Lagos, you will be able to keep your pool in great condition for years to come.


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