The Best of the Best: Top Sale & Lettings Agencies in Ghana

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The Best of the Best: Top Sale & Lettings Agencies in Ghana

If you’re looking to sell your property or set it up for long-term leasing, your first step should be finding the best real estate agency in your area. Coming up with a list of agencies is the easy part; the hard part is choosing the one that offers all the features you need for effective property management. If you want to find a reputable real estate agent, read on and check out our top tips on how to choose the best real estate agency in Ghana.


What to look for in a real estate agency

People often put their trust in the wrong hands when it comes to real estate services. When choosing a real estate agency, always check the following:


Reputation and Licenses

A reputable agency will always have a stellar reputation. Check out online reviews by past customers and neighbours of the agencies in your area. A good real estate agency will have a stellar reputation in the community, and will have been in business for several years. The best agencies in Ghana are licensed and have a professional team with expertise in all aspects of real estate services.


No Hidden Fees

If you are being offered all-inclusive services, you should be able to trust your real estate agent. However, there are many agencies in Ghana that will try to charge you extra hidden fees. To avoid this, ask the following questions: - Are the closing costs included in the price you are paying? - Are you required to pay anything to your lawyer before closing? - Is the commission for your real estate agent included in the purchase price?


Marketing Strategy

Choose an agency with a proven marketing strategy. If you are selling, you want an agent who is able to generate a large amount of potential leads and convert them into clients. If you are looking for long-term tenants for your property, you want an agent who is able to find tenants who will stay in your property for a long time.


Responsiveness of Staff

Make sure to check the communication lines between your potential real estate agent and their clients. Do they respond to your inquiries in a timely manner? A quick response can be a good indicator of how your future business relationship will go. Check out the website of the real estate agency and look for client feedback.


Security and Maintenance Plan

Find out if the real estate agency has an in-house team to inspect and maintain your property. What is their process for dealing with any security issues at your property? What is their policy on maintenance and repairs? Do they charge a fee for this or do they provide it free of charge?



In order to get the best result out of your real estate investment, you need to find the best partner to represent your property in the market. When hiring a real estate agency, always check their references and find out if they offer the services you need. In addition, make sure to negotiate the best deal for a service that is tailored to your needs. Now that you know what to look for in a real estate agency, it’s time to start shopping. Your dream property is waiting for you!


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