How to Invest in a Real Estate Property in Ghana

The first step to buying a property in Ghana is to find a local real estate agent.

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3 Steps to Investing in a Ghanaian Real Estate Property.

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Not only is it an investment, but it’s also a place where you can live and raise your family. You want to make sure you get the perfect property for you and your family, so the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But don't worry, we've compiled a few steps to help guide you through this process:


1. Create a budget

2. Consider buying in Ghana

3. Set up an appointment with a local real estate agent.


Creating a Budget

You want to make sure you're investing in a property that is within your budget. Consider how much money you're willing to spend and decide what features and amenities are most important to you. If the property meets your needs, then it should be within your budget.


Ghanaian Real Estate

The Ghanaian real estate market is on the rise, which means there are many opportunities for you to get in on it. Buying property in Ghana can be a great investment. Whether you're buying to lease out or to live in, you'll find that the country has a lot of potentials. There are also many benefits to owning property in Ghana, including an improved sense of security and peace of mind.


1. Create a Budget

First, you should create your budget for this process. This will help you know how much money you have available for this investment and what kind of price range you'll be looking at. You can use our calculator below to help figure out how much money you should set aside for this project:

=/= calculate your monthly mortgage payments

=$100,000 =/= calculate your upfront expenses

===> The average cost per square meter is approximately GH¢600

*$1 =/= GH¢220

So if I want to buy a 400 square meter property costing GH¢600 per square meter, I would need GH¢200,960 upfront before taxes (~US$34,000).


2. Consider Buying in Ghana

If you're set on buying somewhere outside of Ghana but are unsure about where else to invest because prices are high or the work isn't available there, consider investing in Ghana instead. That way, not only will your investment grow while it waits for the perfect buyer (you


Finding a Local Agent.

The first step to buying a property in Ghana is to find a local real estate agent. This can be done by looking up "real estate agents" or "property brokers" in your phone book, or on the internet. You should have no trouble finding someone who specializes in Ghanaian properties if you are not sure where to start. Once you have found an agent you are comfortable with, ask them about their fees and how they work with clients. Some agents will require that you pay a fee upfront before even meeting with them, while others may only ask for money after the sale has gone through. It is important that you feel confident with your decision when it comes time for this step.


2. Consider buying in Ghana

Before viewing any properties, consider whether or not you would like to buy something within the country. Buying property abroad may seem more glamorous at first glance, but there are benefits to purchasing property locally as well:


a) The currency exchange rate will be less of a hassle because Ghanaian currency (Cedi) is much stronger than other currencies (such as US dollars).

b) The process of transferring money back home is easier if everything is conducted within the country.

c) There are more people living locally who you can trust for assistance, such as lawyers and banks.

d) You will not need to worry about different laws and regulations regarding purchases abroad, saving both time and money on lawyers, translators, etc


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